Knowledge2life is a storm in a teacup when it comes to knowledge about information technology, you get every aspect of the topics like Java, Php, spring, hibernate, MySQL, Android, JavaScript, HTML, and whatnot, covered on a single website that too being free! It is an appropriate place for blooming buds and experts in the field of software technology with a lot of up-to-date knowledge combined in a systematic way containing codes, explanations, images, and anything that comes under its umbrella. For the people who don't have much time for in-depth research about every bit of a topic can look up to knowledge2life for saving their day, because we have designed these free courses to cater to the needs of every individual related to this field from very basic to complex level! Developers of knowledge2life intend an updated, knowledgeable, and seamless experience for whoever visits the site.

knowledge2Life came to life in August 2020 resulting from the enlightened vision of Balaji Pothala trying to save people striving for quality education, being a victim of the poor education system with outdated knowledge. To beat the capitalist system which yields profits from insecurities and shortcomings of the masses, Balaji founded an educational website dedicated to the betterment and development of individuals who are eager to explore new horizons of knowledge about information technology but don't have a large sum of money to splurge on advanced. Serving with a purpose and unique perspective, Knowledge2life provides a myriad of free courses with a huge amount of technical knowledge compiled in one place.

Our website is a true amalgam of modernization and updated knowledge which is a must-have nowadays to ace professional and personal endeavors. Affordability and availability are not an issue anymore, you just need the thirst for knowledge to explore and learn, that's why Knowledge2life is here to be a guiding star for everyone..

Explore and excell,

Happy learning..

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