What are microservices?

What are microservices?

Microservice is a methodology for creating applications based on services, and significant applications are broken into smaller independent service units by this methodology. The Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) process is implemented by dividing the complete programme into interconnected services, where each service serves only one business requirement.

The Concept of Going Micro

Whole software packages are broken down into small interconnected business units in a service-oriented architecture. Each of them communicates with each other through distinct protocols so that the customer has success. The question now is how is it different from SOA for Microservice Architecture (MSA)? In a word, SOA is a design model, and Microservice is a methodology for implementing SOA or Microservice is a form of SOA.

We must remember the following rules while designing an application that focuses on microservices.

  • Independent − Each microservice should be deployable individually.
  • Coupling − All microservices should be loosely linked, such that changes in one of them do not influence the other.
  • Business objective – Each service department of the application as a whole should be the smallest and able to achieve a particular business objective.