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What is iOS?

iOS is the operating system Apple uses for its mobile devices(read as iPhone operating system). Until recently the same were used on its iPads as well. It is still mostly the same for the latter with some extra features being created solely for the iPad.

iOS was developed solely for Apple hardware and is written mostly in Swift along with Objective C and C++. It enabled Apple to launch the culture of touch screen phones and is currently the second most popular mobile platform after android.

What is Swift?

Swift is now ranked as one of the top must-have developer skills, Swift is critical to building new applications for all iOs devices with iconic gesture controls and .

Released by Apple Inc. in the year 2014, Swift was an open source, compiled programming language created mainly to replace their earlier Objective C programming language, that had been used since 1980 and had a lot of limitations on creating modern features. Swift on the other hand, was incredibly robust and versatile. It used Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa touch frameworks and was also able to work in conjunction with their existing Objective C code that worked on all their existing products. Swift reads like high level English, making it easy to identify mistakes and leads to lesser undefined errors.

Influenced by real world languages like Ruby and designed as a beginner friendly language, Swift is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing modern programming languages, Swift makes it easy to write fast and safe software for a wide range of platforms, from systems to mobile phones and from cloud services and desktops. The swift community is growing, and Swift language is now a critical skill if you want to get into IOS app development and build native OS apps. It's compatible with Apple's XCode IDE.

Key features:

  • Interface - The iOS interface popularised multi touch gestures and 3Dresponses enabling visually and otherwise imparied users to experience the mobile platform well.
  • Applications- iOS devices run iOS applications that leverage the software-hardware integration of Apple devices, bringing about improved user experience
  • Accessibility- Improved accessibility for imparied users
  • Multitasking - running background tasks, location services, push notifications etc.
  • Gesture control for hard quitting apps
  • Siri integration
  • Multi tasking
  • Ease of Switching applications.