What is Agile Methodology?

What is Agile Methodology?

Agile Methodology is a term used for an approach based on bifurcating the tasks into smaller achievable targets. This method is part of software development projects and activities. Effective communication between the investors and team members is the key for Agile Methodology to work.

Agile methodology is the opponent of the conventional “Waterfall methodology” where the working environment is fixed and pre-arranged by the owners.

On the contrary, agile methodology adopts a very different approach where the members in the project have the authority to set their targets on their own. They have the freedom to do the work with flexibility. This approach is very fruitful for the consumers as well as there is constant room for alterations according to the need of the client.

Agile works on the motto of meaningful human interactions where the consumer's satisfaction is the utmost priority of the projects.

In general, agile methodologies aren't set in stone for every project. But happens that when some set of methodologies become a household name to bring out the best in the project, then generally project managers opt for a similar framework for other projects well. However, agile methodology embraces any adjustments with open arms if they are required.

SCRUM, Lean Software Development, Crystal, and eXtreme Programming are a few examples of Agile Methodologies.

Agile works in basic steps;

Strategizing: It is the framework and structure of the planning, which usually the head of the project creates initially.

Implementation: The head then calls a meeting and seeks pieces of advice from the team members, then any changes in the plan are made, and implementation starts once the framework approves.

Assessment: This is the last step where the consumers take the feedback and necessary changes are made according to requirement.