Blockchain vs Shared Database

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a type of database, but it is pretty different from other databases in storing information. Blockchain stores information in the form of blocks, and the newly come information is stored in new blocks, and every block is connected. We can store different kinds of information in a blockchain database. In the case of bitcoins, blockchain uses a decentralized system where the data is irreversible so that each transaction gets recorded and can't be removed.

What is a shared database?

A shared database is a type of database that shares data concurrently with multiple users accessing the data. A shared database gives various services at a time to develop various applications at a time with different kinds of languages. Shared databases don't have any language limitations. A shared database provides rapid updates to every application connected to it.

Blockchain vs Shared Database

  1. Blockchain is decentralized as there is no admin, whereas a shared database is a centralized database because it has admin.
  2. Blockchain is a permissionless database because anyone can access it, whereas everyone needs permission to access data in a shared database.
  3. In the blockchain, you can only insert data, whereas, in a shared database, you can create, insert, delete, read, update the data.
  4. Blockchain is irreversible. You can't change the data or perform the same operation again, whereas, in the database, you can achieve the same process repeatedly.