Roles and responsibilities of a data scientist 

What is a Data scientist ?

Data scientists are the persons who have knowledge to solve complex problems using various logical methods and algorithms. If they are not able to solve the problem then they at least give the solution on how to solve it. Data scientists mainly do following things :

  1. As per the pattern of data finds some methods and algorithm
  2. Deploy data tools in data analysis.
  3. Always try to stay on top as per innovation in data science.

What are the roles and responsibilities of data scientists ?

  1. Management  : The data scientists play a very vital role in management of organisation according to future and technical base.
  2. Knowledge :Data scientists have to take responsibility to find new and useful technologies which will be helpful to the organisation.
  3. Analytics : Data scientists have to make logical structures, high level models, new algorithms.
  4. Collaboration : Data scientists do collaboration with various organisations with new technology which are useful for organisations.
  5. Data scientists have a job to collect more and more information and transfer it to the organisation in usable format.
  6. Have to solve business related or any particular product related problem by using any algorithm.
  7. Data scientists have to find out all trends and be at top position in the competition of business.