Deleting the changes

What is a repository ?

The repository is a room, container, or place where we can store things. Github is the platform that provides this facility of the repository. The Github platform allows us to store or upload our projects on it. We can create repositories with proper names and can store our project. Github repositories are shareable so that you can share them with anyone. Also, you can make it private.

Committing the changes

Github allows us to save our whole project into a repository. Sometimes we need to make changes in existing files so that GitHub provides us with GitHub desktop software. We can commit the changes using the local GitHub repo or the command line to commit the changes.

  • Commit using Github desktop :Here, the GitHub repository is cloned in the local computer, and all the changes made in that repository are directly committed.
  • Commit using shell : Using the shell, users can commit the changes using some commands where we have to write the file name in which we have done the changes and have to give a name to the changes.

Deleting the changes

Sometimes you have to undo the committed changes in the repo, then using shell commands; the user can undo or delete the changes.