XAMPP Control Panel

The control panel is where you manage the XAMPP-installed programmes. To access the XAMPP Server control panel, go to the Start menu and select XAMPP Server.

  • Locate Apace Friends then XAMPP in the programme's directory, as illustrated in the diagram below.

1) This section lists the services, modules, and process IDs (PIDs) that have been installed (s). The module has been established as a service with a green tick, and the red asterisk indicates that it has not been set up as a service. Click the red mark to install a service. If you click on the button with the green tick, the control panel will ask to uninstall the system.

2) The Port(s) linked with the modules are displayed in this section. The actions section is used to do the following tasks:

    1. start and stop modules

    2. Open the Apache and MySQL administrator windows.

    3. Make modifications to Apache, MySQL, and other configuration files.

    4. Examine the modules' log files

3)This area includes essential utilities such as Netsat, Windows Service Shortcuts, and so on.

4) The status of the modules is displayed in this area. The control panel can be used for a variety of tasks, including:

  • Install and uninstall XAMPP-installed services such as Apache, MySQL, and others.
  • Start and stop services.
  • Open configure files etc.