The HTML Quotation elements are used to insert quoted texts on a web page, which are different sections from the rest of the text on the page. HTML quotes are a type of brief quotation that you can use on your website.

When we want to print text other than the normal text then quotation elements can be used. They can be used to insert quoted texts into web pages.

  • Q tag- <q>

    Used to define short quotations. Quotation marks are inserted around the quotation.
  • Blockquote tag- <blockquote>

    Used to define a section of information that is quoted from another source. The browsers usually indent these elements.
  • Citation tag- <cite>

    Used to define the title of artistic work such as a poem, book, painting, etc. The text gets printed in italic format.
  • Abbreviation tag- < abbr>

    Used to define an abbreviation or an acronym. Marking abbreviations in the text can help provide information to search engines, browsers and translation systems. The title attribute can be used in the tag to write the full form. When we hover over the abbreviation, we can see the complete form(output 2).
  • Address tag- <address>

    Used to define the contact information about the author of a document. The data could be an email address, phone number, physical address, social media handles, etc.
    The data gets printed in italic format, and a line break is added before and after the tag.

  • Bidirectional Override- <bdo>

    Used to write text oppositely, i.e. from right to left.
  • Example No.1:

    <html> <body> <p>Knowledge2life <q>Learn online easily from this website</q></p> </body> </html>


    Knowledge2life Learn online easily from this website

    Example No.2:

    <html> <body> <p>The <abbr title="Website Knowledge2life ">WK</abbr> was founded in 2021.</p> <p>Online learning platform where you learn easily.</p> </body> </html>


    The WK was founded in 2021
    Online learning platform where you learn easily.