C# is an object-oriented, simple, up-to-date programming language developed by Microsoft as part of Anders Hejlsberg's.NET effort. This tutorial teaches you basic C# programme, and also teaches you several advanced topics linked to the language of C# programming.

C# for Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) is the executable code and runtime environment, which enables the usage of multiple high-level languages on many computers and platforms.

The following factors make C# a frequently used language:

  • The language is current and commonly used.
  • It's aimed towards an object.
  • It is aimed towards a component.
  • You can learn easily.
  • It's a language structured.
  • It produces programme efficiency.
  • It can be built on a number of computer platforms.
  • It belongs to the .Net framework.

C# Strong programming features

Although C# is closely aligned with classic high-level languages, C and C++ and a programming language with objects. It's quite similar to Java, and has many strong programming capabilities that enhance many programmers globally.

This lesson was developed to help novices understand fundamental C# programming.

C# is built mostly on C and C++ programming, and it's fun to learn C# if you have a basic understanding of C or C++ programming.