Application of Stack and Queue

Application of Stack

In a stack, limited operations are performed only because it is a restricted data structure. Elements are removed from the stack in the reverse order.

  1. Expression Evaluation
  2. Expression Conversion
    • Infix to Postfix
    • Infix to Prefix
    • Postfix to Infix
    • Postfix to Infix
  3. Backtracking
  4. Memory Management
  5. Delimiter Checking
  6. Reverse a Data
  7. Processing Function Calls

Application of Queue

The queue data structure is usually used in situations where the FIFO (First In First Out) method should be used. The following are some of the most common line applications in the data structure:

  1. Request management in a single shared resource allocated such as CPU scheduling and disk formatting
  2. Handling hardware or real-time systems interrupts
  3. Handling website traffic
  4. Routers and switches in networking.
  5. Mail Queues
  6. Multiprogramming Environment
  7. Round Robin Scheduling Technique
  8. Used in Railways Reservations