Creating User

Creating User

Git includes the git config tool that lets you set the variables for your configuration. In.gitconfig file, which you find on your home directory, Git saves all global configurations. To define these settings as global, add the —global option and, when the –-global option is not used, your settings for the current Git repository are specified.

The wide system configuration can also be set up. Git saves these data in the /etc/gitconfig file, including each user and repository configuration on the system. You need to have root permissions to set these parameters and use the option —system.

Create New User

# add new group
[root@CentOS ~]# groupadd dev

# add new user
[root@CentOS ~]# useradd -G devs -d /home/gituser -m -s /bin/bash gituser

# change password
[root@CentOS ~]# passwd gituser

The following result is achieved with the aforementioned command.
Changing password for user gituser.

New password:
Retype new password:
passwd: all authentication token updated successfully.