What are widgets ?

jQuery widget is a specialized plug-in provided by the language. Widgets are used to apply some behaviors to the elements present in the program. Widget is a method using which we can bind multiple functionalities to one element. There is no need for DOM methods; the widget directly provides DOM information to the program. Widgets help to write maintainable code, and also we can use multiple objects of the same widget in the program.

Widgets provided by jQuery

  • Accordion : This widget enables to collapse content which further get broken into logical sections.
  • Autocomplete: It provides suggestions to you while you type in the text field.
  • Button: Button is a submit type widget that basically submits all the data.
  • Datepicker: Datepicker shows an interactive calendar to the user using which he can set the date.
  • Dialog box: Dialog box is the best way to show messages and alerts on screen, mostly in HTML pages.
  • Menu : It shows the list of options on screen.
  • Progress Bar : It shows the progress in percentages.
  • Slider: Slider may be horizontal, may be vertical it is used to scroll the whole page horizontally or vertically.
  • Tabs : Tabs are used to switch users between the sections which are divided on the basis of logic.
  • Select Menu : Select menu enables you to select any specific menu from the menu bar.