JUnit is a "Unit Testing" Framework for Java applications enclosed in Android Studio. This is an automation framework for the unit and the UI test, and it contains annotations such as @Test, @Before, @after, etc.

How do you write JUnit in Kotlin?

Add dependencies

  1. Open a Kotlin project in IntelliJ IDEA. If you don't already have a project, create one.
  2. Open the build.gradle(.kts) file and add the following dependency to the Gradle configuration. This dependency will allow you to work with kotlin. Test and JUnit.
  3. Add the test task to the build. gradle(.kts) file.

Features of JUnit

  • Used to write and run tests.
  • The interpretations give the test methods to identify.
  • Provides arguments to check expected results.
  • Test runners provide to run Tests.
  • JUnit Tests allow you to write codes quickly, and it increases the quality.