Example of a Fuzzy Logic System

Example of a Fuzzy Logic System

There are a lot of real-life examples of Fuzzy logic, and some of them are:

Air conditioning

Older air conditioners are set for low and high temperatures. When that low number was reached, the unit was shut down. When the temperature reached high, the air conditioner turned on.

In today's HVAC systems, the mysterious concept does not rely on these two "extremes", and it controls the temperature to remain constant. The air conditioning system uses more energy by hearing small fluctuations and making adjustments.


If you have ever been bothered by the rice being cooked to the right texture and moisture, you may have bought a rice cooker. This small functional machine is an excellent example of sophisticated technology for consumers. If the rice is cooked too fast, a warning logic algorithm warns the computer to reduce the temperature. The computer kicks off the heat when it detects that moisture is not being absorbed in the right amount. Every variation of the cooking process creates an "if", and the algorithm responds with "then".

Washing Equipment

Washing machines now use abstract thinking. They determine how heavy the load is and the right amount of water and soap, the speed of stirring, and the length of the washing cycles. There is not a single standard of dirty laundry. Uncertainty enables the computer to make "middle" decisions. At the beginning of the washing load, the water is clear. The computer detects a colour change that does not allow light to pass through easily as it becomes dirty. The sensors use abstract thinking to control the settings to get a clean load.