MySQL is a Swedish firm, MySQL AB, which developed an open-source SQL database. In contrast to SQL, MySQL is pronounced 'sequel' as "my ess-que-ell.'

MySQL supports various systems, including Microsoft Windows, leading Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X.

Depending on their utilisation (non-commercial/commercial) and functionality, MySQL provides both free and premium editions. A fast, multi-topical, multi-user and robust SQL database server is available on MySQL.

MS SQL Server

Microsoft Inc. Relational Database Management System has developed MS SQL Server. The principal language of your query is –

  • T-SQL


It is a vast multi-user system for managing the database. Oracle has been developed by 'Oracle Corporation' for relational database management.

Oracle manages its resources efficiently, a database of data between the numerous customers that request and deliver data to the network.

For client/server calculation, the database server is a good solution. Oracle is supported for all major client and server operating systems such as MSDOS, NetWare, UnixWare, OS/2 and most UNIX versions.


It is one of Microsoft's most popular products. Microsoft Access is a database management entry-level application. Not only is MS access database cheap, but it is also a robust small-scale database.

MS Access uses a particular SQL language dialect to use the Jet database engine (sometimes called Jet SQL).

The professional edition of the MS Office package comes with MS Access. The intuitive graphical interface is easy to use with MS Access.