MySQL Networking and Distributed Database

What is Networking ?

Networking is a connection between more than two systems which are connected for sharing information and resources with each other. In SQL there is also management, storing, retrieving of data. So As there is client server architecture is most of the organisations and hence we need networking with MySQL. As every employee accesses some kind of data from the server also some of them make changes so it is mandatory to add the MySQL or database in networking so that every change gets updated in the database. 

What is a Distributed Database ?

Distributed database means the databases which have no limit of a single system, they are spreaded over multiple systems. These databases are managed like a single database system. There are two processes which ensure that distributed data is up to date.

  • There is a replication process which checks for the changes and also if there are any then they make the replication of the database and make it the same as before. 
  • Duplication process is another process which has less complexity. It makes duplicate databases and also makes sure that every database contains the same data.

Features of Distributed Database

  • This is a collection of various distributed but interrelated databases which are managed like they are single.
  • Every database is stored on various different sites and also managed by their own DBMS.
  • Distributed database is not a loosely connected file system.
  • All databases are connected over a network; they do not have any multiprocessor system.