What is MySQL ?

MySQL is a relational database which is based on structured query language. This is a very popular language for accessing and managing data in databases. MySQL is an open source software which is under GNU license and supported by Oracle. It is commonly used with PHP for data handling. MySQL follows client-server architecture for data access, it shows the data as per user request. 

Features of MySQL

  • MySQL is an open source software and free to use so it is popularly used.
  • MySQL is customizable because it is open source and also has a GNU license.
  • MySQL is very powerful and can handle large amounts of data.
  • MySQL creates databases and allows us to make tables and rows and also allows us to make relations between two or more tables.
  • MySQL supports various languages like C, C++, Java, Perl etc.

What is XML ? 

Extensible markup language is a language which defines some set of rules using which we can create a document which is readable by human and machine also. XML is used for storing and transporting data.

XML with MySQL

XML is one of the most common languages which is used to share information over various platforms. The simplest way to convert XML into SQL tables and row format is FOR XML AUTO and FOR XML PATH clauses which help to connect XML to MySQL.