Specialty Databases

What are specialized databases?

Specialized databases are a collection of focused information on one or more specific fields of study. This information or data is arranged or indexed so that the user can locate and retrieve it quickly and easily.

Why use these databases?

Guaranteed Authoritative information Specialized databases often have strict guidelines on the types of articles and journal sources that are accepted. By searching a database, the articles you find are more likely to be both accurate and reliable.

They’re Tailored to specific subjects and fields of study The databases outlined in this module are geared towards specific subjects (i.e.medicine, nursing, etc.). When you use these for your research, the articles you find are more likely to be relevant towards your area of study.

They Provide Full-text access When you access these databases through the library website, convenient full text links will be available to you within the search results. These links connect to the library’s online journals, making it easy to get to the article you want!

This database is ideal for (in order):

  • School of Medicine
  • School of Health Professions
  • Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Pharmacy