Angular Services

What is Angular Services?

An angular service is an object that gets instantiated only once during the application's life cycle. These services contain methods that maintain data throughout the life of the application. An angular service is a stateless object which provides useful features, and these functions are invoked from the component of Angular. Components of Angular are controllers and directives etc. The developer can create its service with various functions.

How to implement Services in AngularJS code

To add any user-defined service in code, you have to implement the dependency, which will help you, the user, the service feature. Angular uses an Injectable decorator to implement the service and annotate before the class name.

Advantages of Angular Services

  • Reduces code : You can create a single service for multiple components, which will reduce the code.
  • Communication with backend : Angular is a frontend language where services help to communicate with the backend.
  • Stateless object : The best part of services is that it is a stateless object and can be used with any component.
  • Reusable services : You can also use one component of a component with another component.

Future Scope in Angular Services :

To make a career in Angular, we need to know the future scope. Angular is a very popular framework, which gives several features which make it more popular. Like Angular Services, this framework has many features which make frontend coding easier. Various platforms will give you knowledge about the AngularJS framework.