Infrastructure as a service

Cloud infrastructure includes servers, storage devices, network, cloud management software, software deployment and virtualizing platforms.


Hypervisor is a virtual machine manager, firmware or low-level application. It enables several locators to communicate the individual physical instance of cloud resources.

Management Software: The infrastructure may be maintained and configured.

Deployment Software: It contributes to the implementation and integration of the cloud application.

Network: It is the fundamental component of the cloud infrastructure. It makes it possible to link cloud services via the Internet. The network is also available through the network as a service, allowing the consumer to adjust the network path and protocol.

Server: The server helps to calculate resource sharing and provides other services such as allocation and deallocation of resources, monitoring of resources, security, etc.

Storage: Cloud has several storage duplicates. If one of the storage resources is not available, then another one can be taken that makes Cloud Computing more trustworthy.

    Infrastructural Constraints

  1. Transparency: The key to sharing resources in the cloud environment is virtualisation. However, only a resource or server cannot meet the demand. Transparency in resources, load equilibrium and application should therefore be established, so that we can scale them on request.
  2. Scalability: Ramping up an application - aware solution is not so simple as scaling an application, since it involves extra configuration or even network architecture. Therefore, the application delivery solution has to be scalable, requiring virtual infrastructure to provide and de-supply resource simply.
  3. Smart monitoring: The supply of applications solutions must be intelligently monitored in order to provide transparency and scalability.
  4. Security: The cloud's massive data centre should be architectured securely. The control node also needs to be secure, an entrance point in the mega data centre.