Private Cloud allows systems and services to be available within an enterprise. The Private Cloud is operated only within a single enterprise. The company itself or third parties can, however, administer it internally.


The use of cloud as a private cloud model has several advantages.

  • High security and confidentiality: no public access to private cloud operations and the sharing of resources from separate resource pools. Consequently, great security and privacy are guaranteed.
  • More control: the private cloud has more control over its resources and hardware than the public cloud, because only one business has access to it.
  • Cost and energy efficiency: Private cloud resources are less economical than public cloud resources but are more efficient than public cloud resources.


The inconveniences of employing the private cloud model are:

  • Restricted operating area: Private cloud is locally only accessible and globally hard to use.
  • High price: buying new hardware is a pricey transaction to satisfy demand.
  • Scalability Limited: Private cloud can only be scaled within internal hosting capacity.
  • Further skills: organisation requires trained competence to sustain cloud implementation.