Data storage 

What is data ?

Data is an essential part of the computer, and data may contain any text, image, audio, or video information. Data is a sequence of symbols that are arranged in a meaningful way, and data represents facts and information in a way that is suitable for communication.

Data storage in cloud computing

Cloud computing provides a service using which we can store data at a third-party server and access it using web API. Storage devices are categorized into two types :

Block storage device : Block storage device: Block storage device offers raw storage to a client; this raw storage is partitioned into volume.

File storage device :  File storage device: A file storage device offers storage to clients in the form of files. This maintains its file system.

Cloud storage classes 

Cloud storage get classified in two types :

  • Unmanaged cloud storage : Unmanaged cloud storage means the cloud storage is pre-configured, and the client can't install his file system.
  • Managed cloud storage : Managed cloud storage is as per demand to the client. It is available in raw format, which users can partition.

Advantages of Cloud Storage 

  • Cloud storage is effortless to handle, and also the user interface is easy to understand for every user.
  • Every cloud storage organization provides perfect security for data. Some organizations keep copies of your data in different data centers to avoid getting lost.
  • Storing data on the cloud is not free, but the cost of storing the data on the cloud is less.