Maven IntellijIDE

What is maven ?

A maven is an automation tool that is used for designing java projects. Maven is developed by the Apache software foundation. Maven can also manage and build projects in c#, ruby, scala, etc. Maven has the following objectives,

  • It makes the build process of projects easy
  • Try to provide a uniform development platform
  • Provides quality information on the project
  • Encourages better development projects

Maven IntellijIDE

Intellij IDE already has internal support for Maven. Some features of Intellij IDE are as follows,

  • We can run Maven goals using IntelliJ IDEA
  • We can update Maven dependencies in Intellij IDE
  • We can launch Maven builds in Intellij IDE
  • Intellij can manage the dependencies automatically based on pom.xml
  • Intellij can resolve Maven dependencies without installing them in the local workspace.
  • Intellij automatically downloads the dependencies from the Maven repo.
  • Intellij provides wizards while creating a new project.

Advantages of Maven

  • The easy setup process follows best practices.
  • Consistency in usage in project
  • Able to work on different projects at a time
  • Instantly access new features with some small configurations
  • Dependency management included
  • Maven can add all required dependencies automatically by reading the pom.xml file.
  • Anyone can easily do a project in a jar, war, etc., formats as per its requirement.

Disadvantages of Maven

  • Maven needs installation in the system to work and Maven plugin also for the IDE
  • If the code for Maven dependencies is not available, we can’t add the dependency.