Simple Mail Transmission Protocol

What is Simple mail transmission protocol ?

SMTP stands for simple mail transmission protocol. SMTP is a set of guidelines using which a computer can send electronic mail over the internet. This protocol sends an email to other users using the user's email address. We can send mail to the same or different computers. We can send one mail to various recipients, including text, audio, or videos in the message, and send the mail to another network. SMTP is used for making communication between two servers. Servers have their own identity and handle errors like incorrect email addresses etc.

Working of Simple Mail Transmission Protocol

  • Composing a mail : A user can write mail containing text, audio, video or image, etc. MUA (Mail User Agent) is used to compose the mail. It is used to send and receive mail. MAil has two parts: body and Head. The Head contains the subject, and the body contains the whole message.
  • Submission : After the composition user submits the mail to the SMTP server.
  • Delivery of mail : Delivery of mail depends on the email address provided by the sender. If the mail address is wrong, then it doesn't get delivered.
  • Received mail : After mail gets delivered, the Mail delivery agent stores all the mail received.
  • Access or retrieval of mail : MDA accesses all the mails with the help of MUA. We can access the MUA using login and password.