Secure mail

What is mail ?

Mail is a message which may contain text, audio, image, or video. We can send mail using the internet to anyone. For sending mail, we have to provide the receiver's email address using which the mail gets delivered. We can send one mail to multiple receivers at one time.

What is Secure Mail ?

Organizations that contain sensitive information always need data security. While communicating using emails, this organization required privacy. Gmail provides you with a secure email communication facility. The mail you sent using Gmail is encrypted or unable to read when it reaches the destination. Then it gets readable. Where servers are located by mail, the rules and regulations get strict. Proton mail is located in Switzerland, where the privacy rules are stringent. There is no fixed parameter for the secure mail approach; every approach is changed according to the provider. Every provider changes its facility as per the price calculations. Budget is one of the most significant factors which everyone has to consider because not everyone gives free services like google or outlook.

  • Protom mail : Proton mail provides one of the best secure mail services. You can open a free account here. This technology is made up using open source technology.
  • Tutanota : This is also one of the highly recommended services, providing the same service as proton mail. This service is also built on an open-source foundation.
<?php function sanitize_my_email($field) { $field = filter_var($field, FILTER_SANITIZE_EMAIL); if (filter_var($field, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) { return true; } else { return false; } } $to_email = $to = "knowledge"; $subject = "This is subject"; $message = "This is a simple email message."; $headers = 'From: " \r\n"; //check if the email address is invalid $secure_check $secure_check = sanitize_my_email($to); if ($secure_check == false) { echo "Invalid input"; } else { //send email mail($to_email, $subject, $message, $headers); echo "This email is sent using PHP Mail"; } ?>