Animations in Angular

What is animation?

Animation is a movement or a video created with the help of a series of pictures. Animation is a kind of illusion where you see one thing moving, but behind that, there is a series of images in different poses combined with some time interval.

Animations in Angular Framework

AngularJS framework is also used in web development at both the front and back ends. AngularJS provides the feature of animation also, where some dependencies you have to implement animation in the project. ngAnimate is the property in AngularJS used to implement the animation feature. ngAnimate adds and removes various classes; it notices certain events like the show, hides, view, repeat, etc., helpful in animation.


  • Interactive animation containing study material or some awareness program helps increase the understanding between student and teacher or between the public.
  • If you are running any organization that manufactures any product, interactive animation gets public attention and increases sales.
  • Sometimes some experiments may be dangerous or impossible, so the animation will help them perform those experiments without any harm.  
  • In the online education system, animation adds fun to learning and may help students understand better.

Scope of animation 

You can do animation with the help of multiple languages. Almost in every language, animation is possible, and animation simplifies everything and decreases the time of doing something practically. To learn animation, you have to learn the angularJS framework with built-in functionalities.