Angular limitations

Structures such as hierarchical tree arrangements and deep sculptures

Due to the well-designed angular structure it can end up being a bit difficult to fix the error at times and people unfamiliar with the n-tier design can get other concepts like abstruse.

Especially correcting errors in large angular systems can be a painful point at times.

All the injectors in the angular are also in a series and cause the angular to have a deep nest sometimes.

An issue called injector bubbling indicates one of the problems with the created scale. Some part is asking for something else and the angular will try to meet the dependence on the components of their injection, but if they don't get it, as the builders in the construction of the object will transfer that to the chain in its parent's injection and so on.

These applications continue to overflow until the angular does not find an engine that can run the application as it ends with the application injection injections.

So in cases where it comes from the ancestors, it will throw something different, this can be very painful to fix the error especially if you put the code in one of the basic classes.

Ways to install this are also available, but usually deep hierarchies make the news for novice users sometimes.

So angular can have a high learning curve for newbies in software growth.