Significance of Virtual scrolling module

What is the Significance of Virtual Scrolling module?

Virtual scrolling is a feature of the AngularJS framework. Sometimes a developer or company wants to show thousands of items in a table or list, which may slow down the application speed, but virtual scrolling overcomes this problem. The virtual scrolling method shows only a small subset of data available in the viewport, which puts the number of DOM elements constant, which maintains the speed of the application and doesn’t let it slow down.

How to use Virtual Scrolling?

We need to use CDK (Component Dev Kit) to implement virtual scrolling, which provides this set of tools. It would help if you imported the dependency of CDK, which contains a virtual scrolling feature. After that, you need to add a scrolling component that takes all the values together.

Advantages of Virtual Scrolling

  • Maintain Application speed : It controls the flow of many scrollable elements and maintains the speed of the application.
  • Can take Number of Elements : It takes several elements and has the power to handle them properly.

Scope in AngularJS Framework

AngularJS Framework is a javascript framework used in front-end development; it provides various features which make it very popular. Features like services, virtual scrolling, animation etc., make it popular among developers.

You can check out different javascript courses on online platforms, which are easy and simple to learn. In these courses, you may also learn from basic to advance with its framework.