Android Hardware Back Button

How to handle the back button on your Android device with React Native?

To handle Android back button presses in React Native, you need to register the hardwareBackPress event listener in a callback function called after the back button is pressed.

On Android devices, you can add custom actions when the back button is pressed on the phone. You can go back to the previous page, quit the app, or add other custom logic to handle it. In this post, you'll learn more about React Native's BackHandler API for dealing with hardware back buttons on Android devices. BackHandler React Native provides an Android-specific API called BackHandler.

This API can detect when the hardware back button is pressed on an Android device. You can then use this API to listen and respond to events. addEventListener. The addEventListener method connects a JavaScript function with the hardware back press event. It creates an event listener and returns a NativeEventSubscription object that needs to be cleared eventually. removeEventListener.

As the name suggests, we use this method to remove listening to a specific native event. The syntax for the removeEventListener is the same as the addEventListener. xitApp This method is used to exit from the app. This method is a straightforward one that does not take any parameters.