React Native unit test

What is a React Native unit test?

Unit testing is a way to test small, isolated code. React Native itself is expressed as follows. Unit tests target the smallest part of your code, such as individual functions or classes. Therefore, unit tests include testing functions, classes, and components (all small parts of your project).

React Native Unit Testing Needs to Be Modular

If the React Native unit tests that you run are well written and run them every time there's a change in the code, you'll have more confidence in your project performance. It will also be easier for you to maintain the code accurately. Your unit tests need to be modular so that you can reuse them. The easier your code is to reuse, the more tests you can do, and the more time you save.

Which Is the Best React Native Unit Testing Framework?

The most popular JavaScript frameworks are Jasmine, Enzyme, Jest, and Mocha. React Native unit tests are a bit more volatile than common JavaScript frameworks. We're not building traditional web applications, so we don't use jsdom's web standards. This makes the rendering flat, and Enzyme doesn't have a React Native adapter. This library allows you to test React Native components and update yourself with the latest React features. Install through the thread. Add YarnDevReactnativetestinglibrary 1 Add YarnDevReactnativetestinglibrary

Mocha: Great flexibility comes with a great configuration Mocha is a much older and wiser framework than most testing frameworks like Jest. The large community makes getting support and documentation to resolve issues more accessible, and Mocha gives you more flexibility and configuration. Mocha offers many options, including claims, spy libraries, and provocation. Use chai for assertions. Use both Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD). You can also run your tests in an integrated development environment like Webstorm. Mocha's flexibility makes it suitable for large projects. However, its configuration can be more complex than Jest's configuration.

The Jest is the best.

Facebook has developed the unit testing framework Jest. The Jasmine JavaScript testing framework inspired jest. Jest is integrated with React, making Jest a simple, out-of-the-box solution for React native unit testing. As a bonus, Jest can support not only reactive native apps but also other JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Vue, Bable, TypeScript, and Node. Jest is the best option for most React Native projects. If your project already uses Mocha, migrating to Jest is easy. Unfortunately, it's a relatively new framework compared to Mocha, so fewer JavaScript developers use it.