Agile Software Development?

Agile Software Development?

In the world of software development. Agile development holds prime importance. There are 12 principles of this system, which can be applied to all software development projects. Agile Software Development is the people-centered approach where collaboration among teammates matters the most. This approach allows the people working in a team to figure out their own mistakes and take measures to rectify them.

It will promote harmony among the co-workers and help them to overcome their challenges on their own rather than obeying senior management's directions.

With the evolution culture where no day passes, when there is no development or invention in technologies and software happens. The ongoing necessity to upgrade to meet the demands of customers is exhausting. This is the main reason, which compels the software developmental companies to adopt a growth environment. The environment where the worker is free of the stress of fulfilling the instructions while being coordinated with modern techniques. Therefore, agile software development is a great help for the workers to accentuate their creativity in the tasks. The "User" and the "Owner of the project" are the two cornerstones of agile.

User:The whole framework in agile software development is done by keeping the user’s interest in priority. Unlike, conventional organizations who after launching their product, brainwash the customers to buy their product regardless of their demand. The structure of agile software development revolves around the ever-changing needs and desires of customers.

Project-Owner: The product owner is a mastermind of the game of agile Software Development. He acts as a bridge between the users and the team of the project. He is responsible to envision the demand of the user and guide his team to act according to it. For the agile methodology to work, the whole team should be on one page.