Feature Driven Development

Feature Driven Development

This is the Agile method which is widely recognized because of its track record of catering to larger projects. It is first utilized in Singapore for 50 projects, and from there it gained popularity. This approach is primarily based on the features of the project and taking measures to accentuate the features of the product. The process involves planning, designing, and testing the features. This method is ideal for complex projects, which require the constant supervision of professionals.

For example, the requirement for the game before signing in is the feature on which this model focuses. A team of workers then works to ensure the sign-in process completes smoothly with enhanced features.

This model works in five phases according to the progressive features of the product.

  • Whole model completion
  • Development of feature list
  • Planning according to features of the model.
  • Executing the plan-driven by features.
  • Development of model according to the enhanced features.
    • Pros and Cons of the Feature Driven Development:


    • Simple process catering to large projects having multiple people.
    • Ensure success at every stage
    • Cons:

    • This model does not emphasize documentation, which could lead to difficulty in the later stages of the project.
    • This model is less competent for small-scale projects.