Lean Software Development

Lean Software Development

This is the basic method of software development which is based on the minimalistic approach. This method is used when there is a limited budget and the product must be delivered quickly. It ensures cost-cutting of the extra expenditures because it works on simple and easy methods which require no extra resources.

It originated from the industries where there was a lot of focus on waste management. Later, many software development organizations opted for this system because it emphasizes simplicity and brings ease to organizational behaviors. This approach was first used in 2003 for software development.

Advantages of Lean Software Development:

  1. More efficiency can be given in less time with minimal service. Because it incorporates fewer and simpler steps, the tasks become easy to achieve with optimum productivity.
  2. Waste management includes cost-cutting by eradicating extra steps. This saves energy consumption as well as boosts members' efficiency because of the less burden.
  3. The whole team has the freedom to take their decisions on their own.

Disadvantages of the Lean Software Development:

  • The major disadvantage of this model is that it depends on paperwork the most. Practically it is not possible to document every detail or to keep up to date according to the framework. It is the main reason why it is not competent with all types of projects.