Agile Model Vs Waterfall Model

Agile Model Vs Waterfall Model

The agile Model and Waterfall model are the two alternative techniques used in software project management.

Agile is the more adjustable approach that incorporates customization at every step. It is a known fact that the development of software takes a significant amount of time. It varies from a few months and could take a few years. As a result, the core of the agile approach is flexibility, which allows individuals to adapt to change and mold themselves to the changing environment.

Pros of Agile Methodology:

  • Members are required to work on smaller goals at first, which assures productivity.
  • Each phase of agile methodology is flexible and adaptable to any changes
  • Because it incorporates user feedback at every level, the agile methodology is particularly user-friendly.

Cons of Agile Methodology

  • The lack of timetable estimation is a fundamental flaw in the agile method.
  • When it comes to working with the agile methodology, everyone must be on the same page. Therefore, sometimes it becomes an uphill task because every individual has his perspective regarding the product.

Waterfall Methodology

Whereas, Waterfall is comparatively a hard and fast approach that uses planning the whole plan at once only. All of the homework, including product hunting, market research, and testing procedures, is completed first in a waterfall process, and the team members are briefed on it from the start.
Once the project goes into the implementation phase, then there is no turning back and no space for further amendments. The waterfall model is generally recognized globally as a rigid model.

Pros of Waterfall Methodology

  • The waterfall model proves to be an ideal resort for small-scale projects where there is no complexity.
  • The main advantage of Waterfall is that it is a highly shift-able methodology. Because of the waterfall, if the project has to be switched to another team due to unforeseen circumstances, they will be able to easily immerse themselves in the project.

Cons of Waterfall Methodology

  • The limitation of the waterfall model is its incompetency when it comes to large-scale projects.
  • If there is any mistake in the initial stages of the method, then there will be difficult in going back and rectify those mistakes.