Limitations of javascript

What is javascript?

Javascript is a web development language that works at both the front as well as back end. Javascript can calculate, manipulate and validate data from a web page. It is basically a scripting language that is written for some specific operation. Javascript provides various features which are helpful during web development. Javascript makes the webpage interactive. HTML and CSS give the structure to the webpage while javascript makes it interactive, which engages the users.

Advantages of Javascript

  1. Speed : On the client-side, javascript executes very fast at the user's browser.
  2. Simplicity : Java is very simple to learn and implement.  
  3. Popularity : Javascript is the most commonly used language in web development.
  4. Validation at client side : Using javascript, you can validate the data on the client-side before sending the pages to the server.
  5. Create a rich and interactive interface : Javascript creates a rich and interactive interface that engages users properly.
  6. Multiple supports : Javascript has different frameworks which are very useful in web development.

Limitations of Javascript

  1. No networking support :Javascript is not used for networking; it doesn't support that.
  2. No Multiprogramming : Javascript doesn't support multithreading or multiprocessing in web development.   
  3. Code is always visible : The Main disadvantage of javascript is the code is always visible to everyone.
  4. Can’t handle errors well : If any error occurs while execution, it stops the whole website rendering.
  5. DOM Speed :No matter how fast javascript is, DOM of javascript is always slow with HTML.
  6. Difficult for large applications : Javascript is very useful, but it is quite difficult for large applications.