Significance of Operators

Significance of Operators

An operator is a program that can manipulate a value or operand. Operators are used to carrying out particular mathematical and logical operations on operands. To put it another way, an operator controls the operands. Operators are used in JavaScript to compare values, perform arithmetic operations, etc.

Operators for logical comparison (or Relational)

Operators in Arithmetic

Operators for Assigning

Operators that are conditional (or ternary).

An operator is a specific symbol in JavaScript used to execute operations on operands (values and variables). As an example,

5 + 2 + 3;

  • The operator + performs addition, and the operands 2 and 3 are operands.
  • Types of JavaScript Operators
  • The following is a list of the many operators that you will study in this course.
  • Operators for Assigning
  • Operators in Arithmetic
  • Operators of Comparison
  • Operators that are logical
  • Operators that work with bits
  • Operators for Strings