Generally, a day means the present or past day, month, and year. If JavaScript is enabled, you will see the current date and time below.

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How can I replace the date stamp with a text?

You can use our online text tool to remove the date or timestamps (e.g., [2011-12-06 13:33:57] or 8-22-2017) from the log file or other text with a date list followed by another text.

Epoch is the date and time when the computer measures system time in computer use. Most computer programs determine time as representing seconds minus day and time incorrectly. For example, the time limit for Unix and POSIX as several seconds has elapsed since Thursday 1 January 1970 00:00:00 UT, a point at a time known as Unix Epoch. NT time for Windows NT and later means Windows NT system time intervals (10 ^ -7) s from 0h 1 January 1601.

Computer epochs are defined as the midnight Universal Time on a particular day.

Detailed variations

Software timekeeping programs vary with the accuracy of the timeline (granularity); some systems can use large units of time, such as day, while others can use nanoseconds. For example, midnight UTC (00:00) on 1 January 1900, and the time unit of the second, midnight (24:00) between 1 January 1900 and 2 January 1900, is represented by the number 86400, the number of seconds in one day. When pre-season times need to be represented, it is common to use the same system but with negative numbers.

Such representation of time is primarily for internal use. For programs where date and time are important to the human mind, the software will almost always convert this internal number into the date and time representing a person's calendar.