integrating google sign in

What is Social media: integrating google sign in ?

Nowadays social media is an important part of everyone’s life. We daily use various social media platforms for various purposes like communication, entertainment and many more things.Gmail is one of the social media platforms which we use to send mails. Nowadays in every application we need an account, so integrating google sign in in the application is a mechanism to link your google account directly to the application.

How does it work?

In this mechanism in the sign in page there is an option to sign in using google account, which uses the same credentials and information to sign in in that application. To implement this in any android application there are various ways, as language changes the way of implementation gets changed. Every language provides inbuilt dependencies to implement the mechanism easily. Every application takes the credentials from every user and verifies it with google.


  • No need to create another account : As the application uses the same credentials and information of a google account, the user doesn’t need to create any other account, also no need to remember passwords.
  • Data is secured : As the application uses google account, users data is secured with google security mechanism.
  • OAuth2 API : Some big companies use OAuth2 API which doesn't password from the user, which makes them more reliable and secure.

Scope of Android application

There are various languages using which you can make an android application, every language provides different features. To learn this feature you can join online courses which will help you to build android applications.