Application Properties

What are application properties?

Various properties make it compatible with each environment and run it properly in every application. All the application properties are kept in the application and properties file under classpath in spring boot. Spring boot provides different properties for every application, and each property has a default value, and spring allows us to give our property values. These properties and their value make applications compatible with every environment. Properties from dimension, font size to the security mechanism, networking mechanism, and many more make the application compatible.

Advantages of application properties

  • No need to change code : You can directly change the value of properties without changing the code.
  • Increase compatibility : Application properties increase the compatibility of applications in each environment.
  • Provide various property types : Spring boot provides 16 properties to the developer.

Categories of application properties

  • Core Properties
  • Cache Properties
  • Mail Properties
  • Data Properties
  • Transaction Properties
  • Integration Properties
  • Web Properties
  • Server Properties
  • Security Properties
  • Testing Properties

Scope of Spring boot framework

What are application properties?

As we mentioned above, spring boot provides various features which make it popular among developers. There is significant demand for spring boot developers in the IT sector. So to implement every feature of spring boot and want a job as a spring boot developer, you need to learn this framework properly. You can learn spring-boot on any platform free of cost.