Spring MVC Basic and spring MVC app

Spring MVC Basic:

A Spring MVC is a single shared controller instance used to manage request-type controllers and IoC container interceptors. Multiple Dispatcher Servlets can share the application context interface but not the class-based interface.
The name implies a Spring framework module that deals with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm. It combines all of the benefits of the MVC paradigm with Spring's ease of use.
Spring uses its DispatcherServlet to build MVC using the front controller paradigm.
In a nutshell, the DispatcherServlet serves as the primary controller for routing requests to their proper destinations. Model is nothing but the data of our application, and the view is Any of the numerous template engines can be used to represent you.

Why Spring framework is needed?

  • Spring Framework is required because it is a Very LightWeight Container Framework IOC AOP.

Spring MVC app:

A Spring MVC framework is a Java framework for developing web applications. The Model-View-Controller design pattern is used, and it supports the core spring framework's essential functionalities, including Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection.
Spring includes an MVC framework for developing web applications. Various technologies like JSP, Tiles, iText, and POI are used to customize this framework. JDBC exception handling: Spring has a pre-defined JDBC abstraction layer that makes the entire exception handling process more accessible.