Spring Password encryption

What is Password Encryption?

Encryption is converting the data into a secret code that will not get understood by any regular user. The data is only decrypted with the help of the key. Password encryption is also the same as data encryption. The login details get converted into secret code in password encryption so no one can decrypt it and hack your account. This technique is also used to secure the user's login details and personal information.

Spring Password Encryption

In the Spring framework, various methods use different frameworks to encode the password and make it secure.

  • BCryptPasswordEncoder : Uses BCrypt hash algorithm.
  • Pbkdf2PasswordEncoder: Uses Pbkdf2 hash algorithm.
  • SCryptPasswordEncoder: Uses SCrypt hash algorithm.
  • DelegatingPasswordEncoder: It provides Spring delegate to another Password Encoder. 

These are the various methods useful to encrypt passwords in spring framework.

Advantage of Spring Password Encryption

  • It will protect user account from cyber attacks
  • Protect the privacy of users.
  • Cheap to implement and very useful.

What is the future scope of Spring Framework?

Social media account hacking is a common problem nowadays, and the hacker steals the account credentials and hacks the accounts. To avoid such issues, password encryption is needed, which will be done using frameworks like spring. Nowadays, there is very much demand for spring developers.

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