Spring Cross Site Request

What is Cross site Request?

Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF) is a kind of attack where the attacker forces you to perform some action on the webpage where you get authenticated. With the help of some social engineering, they sent you a link to mail or chat, and if you click on that link, the attacker gets control of your account. To avoid such attacks on the users, we have to create a security system to prevent such attacks. Spring is one of the best frameworks for such system making.

Spring CSRF using Java

Spring is a popular framework of Java, where security is one of its features. Synchronizer Token Pattern STP is how we can avoid such attacks. In STP, we can put a unique value with each request to get validated first from the server. The server will generate this value and put it in the HTML code every time.

What is the future scope of Spring Framework?

Nowadays, daily we read the news of cyber attacks or cyber frauds where the attackers send a malicious link to take control of the victim's system. As we discuss, the Spring framework is helpful to avoid such attacks. As the future is going toward digitization, we will face more cyberattacks, and avoiding such things, we need to know frameworks like spring.

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