What is Spring Security and Custom Login Form?

What is Spring Security?

Spring Security is a framework that focuses on providing both authentication and authorization to Java applications. It is a robust, highly customizable, and extensively tested authentication and access-control framework used for securing Spring-based applications. It is open-source software released under the Apache 2.0 license, and the source code can be accessed on GitHub.

It can easily be extended to meet custom requirements and has the following features:

  • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).
  • Single sign-on.
  • JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) LoginModule.
  • Basic Access Authentication.
  • Digest Access Authentication.
  • Remember-me.
  • Web Form Authentication.
  • Authorization.

Why and how of Spring Security?

Suppose you work on Spring applications and are interested in securing them as well. Spring Security is probably the best choice for such cases. However, it is not a kind of magic that guarantees a vulnerability-free app, and neither does it secure your application automatically. You, as a developer, will need to configure and customize Spring Security around the needs of your application!

Technically, applying security with Spring Security in Spring applications is simple, but the process varies from the functional requirements to the architecture and thus, depends on multiple factors.

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What is Spring Custom Login Form? 

Spring Security provides its own built-in login module to authenticate the user. It validates the user credentials and provides accessibility into the application. So, we do not have to create a new jsp page.