A joinpoint is a program execution point, such as when a method is executed or when an exception is handled. A joinpoint always represents method execution in Spring AOP, and a predicate or phrase that matches join points is known as a pointcut.

A joinpoint is a potential point in the application's Program Execution where an aspect can be put in. This moment might be the execution of a method, the occurrence of an exception, or the modification of a field. The Advice can be used at any AOP framework-supported joinpoint.

While developing the method's business logic, extra services must be injected (as we've seen) at various locations or points, which we refer to as join points. New services will be integrated into the usual flow of a business procedure at a junction point.

  • The services are required at the following three locations (usually), which we refer to as JoinPoints when performing the business procedure.
  • Before the method's business logic begins.
  • If the method's business logic throws an exception at run time, the method is considered complete.

At the moment of joining, an Aspect is injected, which is nothing more than implementing an Aspect, i.e., Advice. I hope this makes sense