What are Agent and Environment?

What are Agent and Environment?

An agent is anything with sensors that can sense its surroundings and effectors acting on that environment.

  • Sensory organs like the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin run parallel to sensors, whereas effector organs like the hands, legs, and mouth run parallel to effectors.
  • A robotic agent substitutes cameras and infrared range finders for sensors and effectors, different motors and actuators.
  • The programmes and behaviours of a software agent are encoded bit strings.

An agent's environment is everything in the world surrounding them, but it is not a part of them. A scenario in which an agent is present in an environment. The Agent's environment is where they live, works, and has something to perceive and react to.

Agent Terminology

  • Agent Performance Measurement is the criterion that determines whether or not an agent is successful.
  • Agent behaviour is the action that an agent takes in response to a set of percepts.
  • The Agent's perceptual inputs are referred to as percept at any particular time.
  • The history of all that an agent has perceived up to this point is the percept sequence.
  • It is a map from the precept sequence to a function.


The state of being reasonable, sensible, and having a sound sense of judgement is known as rationality.

Rationality is concerned with the predicted behaviours and outcomes based on the Agent's perceptions. An important aspect of rationality is taking activities intending to collect valuable knowledge.

  • The performance indicators indicate how successful a project is.
  • Until now, the Percept Sequence of the Agent.
  • Prior knowledge of the environment held by the Agent.
  • The activities that the agent is capable of doing.

Intelligent Agents' Organization

  • Architecture + Agent = Agent The structure of an agent is its programme.
  • The equipment on which an agent runs is referred to as architecture.
  • An agent programme is a programme that implements an agent function.