Application of Artificial Intelligence

Application of Artificial Intelligence

1. AI in E-Commerce

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to develop recommendation engines that help you connect with your consumers more effectively. These suggestions are based on their previous browsing behaviour, preferences, and interests, and it aids in the improvement of your consumer interaction and brand loyalty.

2. AI in Navigation

According to an MIT study, GPS technology can offer users precise, timely, and thorough information to help them stay safer. The system combines a Convolutional Neural Network and a Graph Neural Network to simplify users' lives by automatically identifying the number of lanes and road types behind road obstacles. Uber and several logistics firms utilise artificial intelligence to increase operational efficiency, monitor traffic and optimise routes.

3. AI in Robotics

  • Another sector where artificial intelligence technologies are widely employed is robotics. AI-powered robots utilise real-time updates to detect impediments in their path and quickly arrange their route.
  • It may be used for various things, including transporting products in hospitals, industries, and warehouses.
  • Cleaning big equipment and offices
  • Inventory control is important.

4. AI in Human Resource

Blind hiring can be aided by artificial intelligence. You may analyse apps depending on certain factors using machine learning tools. Recruiters may use AI-driven systems to analyse job seekers' profiles and resumes to get a sense of the talent pool from which to pick.

5. AI in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence has a wide range of uses in the healthcare industry. In healthcare, AI is being utilised to create powerful machines that detect illnesses and cancer cells. To guarantee early diagnosis, AI can assist in analysing chronic diseases using lab and other medical data. To discover novel medicines, AI employs a combination of historical data and medical knowledge.

6. AI in Gaming

The gaming industry is another area where Artificial Intelligence technologies have gained traction. AI may be utilised to generate intelligent, human-like NPCs to interact with the players. It may also be used to anticipate human behaviour, which can help with game design and testing.

AI stalks the player throughout the Alien Isolation games published in 2014. The game employs two Artificial Intelligence systems: the 'Director AI,' which is constantly aware of your whereabouts, and the 'Alien AI,' which is guided by sensors and behaviours and is continuously on the lookout for the player.

7. AI in Social Media


On Instagram, AI considers your interests and the accounts you follow to select which posts appear in your Explore tab.


Artificial Intelligence from Facebook is being employed and a technology called DeepText. Facebook can better comprehend discussions using this technology. It may be used to translate postings across languages automatically.


AI is utilised for fraud detection, propaganda removal, and hateful material removal. Twitter also uses AI to suggest tweets to users depending on the types of tweets they engage with.