Advantages of FLSs, Disadvantages of FLSs

Advantages of Fuzzy Logic System

  • The structure of Fuzzy Logic Systems is simple and understandable
  • Fuzzy logic is widely used for commercial and practical purposes
  • Improper logic in AI helps you control consumer equipment and products
  • It may not offer the right thinking, but it is the only acceptable reason
  • Unusual understanding of Mining Data helps you deal with engineering uncertainty
  • Mostly robust as no precise input is required
  • It may be set in case the response sensor stops working
  • It can be easily modified to improve or modify the performance of the system
  • Inexpensive sensors are used to help you keep system costs and complications low
  • It provides a very effective solution to complex issues

The disadvantages of Fuzzy Logic Systems

  • Fuzzy's theory is not always accurate, so the results are seen based on speculation, so they may not be widely accepted.
  • Fuzzy systems do not have machine learning capabilities as a neural network type pattern detection
  • Authentication and validation of the information-based system you need requires extensive hardware testing
  • Setting straightforward, unambiguous rules and membership activities is a daunting task
  • Sometimes, the mysterious concept is confused with the theory of possibilities and conditions