What is intelligence Composed of ?

What is intelligence ?

We can define intelligence in many ways, like making decisions, taking actions, logical capacity, self-awareness, planning, emotional thinking, creativity, and many more things. As per much research, we have concluded that intelligence, or the ability to make decisions, is mainly in human beings, making them different from humans.

What is intelligence composed of ?

Intelligence is the composition of our thoughts and actions. We take action as per our thoughts. Our thoughts are based on our past experiences and present situation. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions to take care of and use our intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a new technology using which we can program a machine that will work or take decisions like humans. AI technology-based machines can update themselves daily as per new experiences and knowledge. There are various components in intelligence which are :

  1. Reasoning: Reasoning is the ability to provide a basic thought process that is useful to make decisions for every machine.
  2. Learning: Learning includes two things: firstly, knowledge taken from many sources, and second, experiences may be of the past.
  3. Problem-solving: Here, we can solve various problems, which will increase our logical ability.
  4. Perception: Perception means sensing something, which is the central part of intelligence.
  5. Linguistic ability: Linguistic ability means reading, writing, and speaking. This ability makes machines much better.

There are various types of intelligence

  1. Linguistic 
  2. Musical
  3. Mathematical/Logical
  4. Intrapersonal
  5. Interpersonal