Difference between Human and Machine Intelligence

Difference between Human and Machine Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is based on the human perception that can be determined by how a machine can perform tasks without trying, from the most basic to the most complex. The reason for the information produced is to read, problem-solving, consultation, and understanding.

This term can be applied to any machine that proves to be related to human intelligence, such as testing and decision-making and enhancing efficiency.

AI includes robots, control systems, face recognition, editing, data mining, and many more.

Human Intelligence: Human intelligence or human behavior is based on experience and practice based on nature, nature. And it is entirely based on the ability to change the environment around us with the information we have gained.

It provides a variety of information. It can provide information on issues related to specific trends and information, which could be another person’s topic or diplomatic data they should have accessed in the case of local people and informants. Therefore, it can provide data to connect with people and organize interests.